"Chef Danielle Campbell was hired to prepare and provide the dishes for my 60thBirthday party at my home.  I was immediately impressed when she arrived with her assistant hours before the party in their white Chef’s jackets and ready to work.   They were neat and organized in the preparation/presentation of the dishes.  The menu of appetizers Chef Danielle created ranged from Lamb Meatballs with Tzaiki Sauce to Mushroom Toasts with Goat Cheese and Thyme - simply delicious.   Each dish, 10 in total, was beautifully presented, artistically arranged on the table and devoured by my guests!  My experience with Chef Danielle was wonderful and will I not hesitate to call her again for my next event.  Her passion for the culinary arts was apparent and appreciated."

George and Luana Smith, Santa Clarita, CA






"I have known Danielle for years now and her passion for good food and making people happy through her cooking is unbelievable. I have hired her to cook private dinners for birthday parties or gatherings with friends, and she never disappoints. With little to no direction, she constantly comes up with incredible combinations to create thes perfect meal that can make anyone's stomach smile. Her positive energy and genuine appreciation for her craft shines through while she is cooking. She lives for the expression on someone's face after tasting her delicious recipes. Usually, I am speechless, or too busy stuffing the next bite into my mouth!!"

Amanda McGrew - Santa Monica, CA